The Best Explainer Video Software Solutions on the Planet Earth

The Best Explainer Video Software Solutions on the Planet Earth

When the only option you have for creating an explainer video for our business is to make it yourself, then the best thing that you can do is find a good software that will allow you to do just that. Creating a video on your own can be tough, especially if you have no prior experience so finding something that is easy to use, but that will still give you professional results is crucial. To help you narrow down your options, we have put together a few great software solutions that you should definitely consider when creating your next explainer videos.


Since whiteboard explainers are one of the most popular type of explainers, RawShrots is definitely a software that you should consider using. One of the best things about this software and something that makes it great for beginners is the fact that it comes with some great and creative graphics templates that cover a lot of different category options. The software also comes with a lot of different transitions and effects which are actually pretty impressive and can really help make your video even more unique and professional looking, and that is always a great thing.


Something that is important to mention about this software is that this isn’t one of those that are free. However, something that makes the price of it worth it is the fact that it is more than just an ordinary explainer videos maker. What makes this solution super special is the fact that this is one of the fastest pieces of explainer software that you can find while also giving you an incredibly professional result. There are a few different background settings that you can choose, as well as a bunch of different character and some great templates. The great about all of these included elements is that you can simply pick and choose the ones that you think would fit your product and vision the most and you will be able to create a video that will be very personal and unique to your business even though you are using a software that a lot of other people may also be using.

Easy Sketch Pro

Compared to the options that we have given you above, this software is far less known and far less popular, at least for the time being. However, it is still a good option that will help you create some great whiteboard explainers. The software has a doodle-type software as well as a drag and drop interface which makes it very easy to use and perfect for anyone that isn’t very tech-savvy and doesn’t really know what to do.

Every software was not made equal and some of them are definitely better and more popular than others. However, just because a software is very popular it doesn’t mean that it will be the right choice for your explainer videos, and just because a software isn’t so popular it doesn’t mean it won’t do the job just fine. So make sure to do the necessary research and make the most educated decision when it comes to choosing the right software for your explainer video.

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