Did You Know About the Following 5 Types of Explainer Videos?

Certainly, you have heard or watched explainer videos. Also, you are aware of their purpose on a website. Through the information, you now have some interest to follow or be ahead of your rivals by including videos on your landing pages.

Well, this is a great idea and one way of enhancing your site productivity and profitability. However, did you know there are several types of explainer videos? Probably, you have come across some of them. Here are the top 5 explainer video types click following link: https://squareship.com/explainer/

a.    Stop motion videos

Stop motion videos are some of the popular animations used in media advertisements. This technique involves manipulation of objects to make them appear as if they are in motion.  For instance, you can make a stop motion video consisting of bananas which are moving down a street.

Also, the videos use toys. They are also easy to make than other explainer videos, as such, if you want to create fun and show some actions, you can use stop-motion technique to create your product explainer videos.

Stop motion videos

b.    3d videos

This type of videos help you to show your products in all angles.  The 3D explainer videos offer you an opportunity to bring into life your product images. For instance, you can use 3D animation to show various features of your products while explaining their use. Also, this type of videos is essential when you want to graphically breakdown your product elements to make it easier for the audience to understand.

However, making 3D explainer videos may require you to consult an expert. Hence, if you do not have extra coin, it may not be your right choice.

Whiteboard videos

c.    Whiteboard videos

Certainly, you have come across some whiteboard explainer videos. This type of videos takes an educational approach to explaining product features. Generally, they involve a person drawing or writing on a whiteboard and a voiceover narrating the story about the product.  

Due to their ease of development, they are mostly used in online and TV advertisements. Hence, if you have a passion for education, whiteboard video technique can be your better option. Also, there is a large number of free whiteboard video making software.  So, if you do not have the cash to hire a professional, you can do it yourself.    

d.    Infographics videos

As the word suggests, infographics explainer videos are a combination of information and graphics. Here you use pictures and images to tell a story about your product. Also, sometimes a voice-over is applied.  The infographics videos are essential when you want to present an analysis of your product features and benefits using data.

Also, if you want to show a comparison between your competitors’ product and yours, this type of video is a good bet. In other words, if you are targeting customers who do not have so much time to go through your content, an infographics explainer is a good way to reach them. This is because it is easy to view and scan. Hence, it saves the customers time and enables them to gain relevant information for a purchase decision.

e.    Live actions videos

Sometimes, you might be introducing a new product in the market.  Maybe it has a new design and feature which are complicated for first-time users.  In such a situation, using live action videos can be the best option. The videos consist of real people using the product.

For instance, if you are introducing a new music instrument, you present an explainer video showing a player playing it and a voice-over explaining each part.  Also, live action explainer videos are good when you are targeting people with little knowledge about your products.

All in all, the above are some of the leading types of explainer videos. So, next time you are crafting one, you now have an array to choose from depending on your purpose.

Infographics videos


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